na Canessa Park Gallery
em San Francisco (EUA)

"I’ve always been interested in art that is guided by forces larger than itself, art that follows more than hammers the contours of thought, whether linguistic, visual or otherwise. And “nature” is the word we give to the largest context, the most permeating materiality, the system of interrelated forces so complex, so enormous and so minute, so internal and external, that it extends far beyond the limitations of imagination and is, therefore, marvelous. This is Whitman’s “spear of summer grass.” But in an ecosystem poised at the brink of collapse, a world of drowning polar bears, disappearing bees, dying coral reefs and increasingly-intense weather events that kill tens of thousands of human beings at a time, our understanding of this system of systems is tinged with peril and fragility."

Já há algum tempo realçámos, como ponto luminoso, a pintura de Brian Strang, que pode ser visitada no blogue Sorry Nature. O artista e poeta expôe agora numa das mais prestigiadas galerias de San Francisco. O texto transcrito será lido por ele na inauguração, a ocorrer no dia 3 de Junho. Vale a pena lê-lo na íntegra.

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b.b.c. disse...

Com este artigo ficámos a saber que mais não fosse que RV percebe muito inglês, na perfeição. Mais um talento que luz nele.